Size, square and shape at the same time

Shaper Sizer

The Shaper Sizer is a fully CNC-controlled woodworking machine. As implied by its name, it is built specifically for shaping, sizing, and squaring flat and elevated center panels and the outer edge profiles of assembled kitchen cabinet doors.

  • Flat table, clamping the entire width
  • From 4” to 60” in automatic mode
  • Based on average door 16” by 24” = 300 parts / 8h
  • Less sanding due to higher speed and bigger tooling

The Shaper Sizer is a fully CNC-controlled woodworking machine.

The high-end machine can simultaneously size, square, and shape, delivering rails that are coped and surfaced to final height and width.

Thanks to its two swiveling backstops on the automatic length-fence, CNC positioning of both table and spindles, and its electronically positioned clamping device over the total part width, the Shaper Sizer gets results accurate to the millimeter.

Technical product specifications

Spindle 1 + 2

7.5 kW (10HP) – 7200 RPM@60Hz
Horizontal +vertical CNC-positioned
Horizontal pneumatic:
On/Off for quick retraction
Turning direction:
Vertical | 0mm - +270mm
300 mm with Prolock, Ø 50 mm
Tool Ø:
Min. Ø 180 mm; max. Ø 240 mm (200mm advised)
Dust extraction:
Ø 180 mm
2 parts at the same time possible only with exactly the same height
Maximum 1.25”( for tooling with Ø 200 mm )

Spindle feed

Both spindles installed on mobile unit that moves along the table
Working speed:
Adjustable 2-12m/min
High speed:
Vertical CNC-positioned clamp over the full width of the table
Automatic lubrication system
Electronical oversize surveillance for entering parts


Fixed stable air jet table
Safety specification:
Pneumatic clamp for straight backing wood
Vertical CNC-positioned clamp over full width of the table
Automatic with 1 large pneumatic swiveling back stop and 1 manual swiveling backstop
Part length:
Minimum 4.0” and maximum 62”
Part width:
Minimum 4”(1,5 for coping) and maximum 62”
Table dimensions:
62” x 40”(useful)

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