The future of profile moulders is here

Vertongen's profile machines are designed for feed-through profiling of window and door components. Profiling of different parts is made easy without changing tools.

Profil Compact 2

The advanced Profil Compact 2 moulder is produced with 2 spindles without top bearing.

  • 7” touch panel in own language
  • First spindle can jump in and out to avoid breakout during storm-proofing
  • Both spindles can turn left and right
  • Automatic stormproof cycles
  • All tools for one product type can be installed
  • Easy tool changeover for different product
  • Integrated feeding device; CNC available

Profil Control

The Profil Control is produced with one or more spindles.

  • 7″ touch panel in own language
  • Composition depending on customer needs
  • Total project followed by Vertongen
  • CNC available on every movement
  • Combinable with tenoner
  • Online communication available

Profil Compact Kitchen

The Profil Compact Kitchen is our intelligent profile moulder. Its spindle is designed to stack tools. The machine allows you to stick your rails and stiles, without manual set-up between different profiles.

  • No manual setup between different profiles
  • 7 inch touch panel in own language
  • Integrated feeding device

What our customers say about us:

These are truly revolutionary machines for cabinet production.
I have never seen an operator so happy!

John Barnes

John Barnes

Stiles Machinery

Final commission and setup today on this Vertongen Kitchen Door Cell. Just completed a small batch production run of 60 doors. All components are machined in 1.5 hours. This would normally take the customer over 1 day using his current methods.

Steven Travers

Steven Travers

ST Woodworking Machinery Ltd

The first Vertongen Kitchen Cell in the Great Lakes Region has just been installed. Already the cell is producing doors with superb tight joint quality which is critical on painted doors.

Eric Juergensen

Stiles Machinery

The machine is a game-changer! Accurate and square tiles/rails down to 40″ or so in length, with no fear of getting fingers chewed up in a shaper on such small parts. You really have to see this cell in action! It’s great!

Jeff Fishburn

Jeff Fishburn

Stiles Machinery

Quality company! Quality equipment!! We appreciate Tom and his team along with Stiles commitment. We are pleased to be building high value components with our Vertongen equipment!

Mike Paul

Swan Creek Cabinet Co.

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