The high-end profile moulder

Profil Control

The Profil Control is a profile moulder with one or more spindles.

  • One or more vertical spindle(s) 300mm or 545mm
  • Profiling height up to 140mm
  • Additional units (glass bead saw, hardware grooves, slot cutters) available
  • 7-inch touch panel in own language
  • Composition depending on customer needs
  • Total project followed by Vertongen
  • CNC available on every movement
  • Combinable with tenoner
  • Online communication available

The Profil Control is produced with one or more spindles.

With the tool splitting technology tools from all the spindles can be combined with each other. The machine can be equipped with a glass bead saw, a hardware groove, and top or/and bottom slot cutters.





Vertongen tip!

The Profil Control can be entirely automated and be combined with the Pentho Control to come to a complete window line.

Technical product specifications


7-inch touch panel:
For the operation of the machine, selecting of all motors by the panel
Combined self supporting frame with a cage construction
Conform CE


80mm high, 1st fence is manually adjustable 4mm
Through feed:
Air jets in table for better through feed of timber
Compressed air system between table and fence
Extension table:
For storm proofing

Vertical spindle

11 kW
6000 tpm
Vertical CNC-positioned with ball circulating screw
Horizontal fix; on/off or CNC-positioned option
Measurements spindle:
Length: 300mm with Prolock, or 545mm with top bearing
Diameter: Ø 50mm
Minimum zero Ø 120mm
Maximum Ø = zero Ø + 90mm, max. 240mm
Tool Ø:
Ø 180 mm

Feeding device

Adjustable between 2 - 12 m/min
20mm to 140mm
Wear-resistant rollers, Ø 100 mm, every 103 mm. Number determined by composition machine, minimum 13
Manual, with CNC-positioned option

Extra options

Extra options:
Glass bead saw
Hardware groove
Slot cutters
Automatic timber return system
15-inch touch panel with separate control console

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Profil Compact 2

The advanced Profil Compact 2 moulder is produced with 2 spindles without top bearing.

  • 7” touch panel in own language
  • First spindle can jump in and out to avoid breakout during storm-proofing
  • Both spindles can turn left and right
  • Automatic stormproof cycles
  • All tools for one product type can be installed
  • Easy tool changeover for different product
  • Integrated feeding device; CNC available

PenPro Control

The Penpro Control is a fully CNC-controlled combination of the Pentho Control and the Profil Control.

  • One-man operation
  • Production capacity of more than 400 parts each shift
  • 15″ touch panel in own language
  • Mounting of the tools and presetting the machine done by Vertongen
  • Total project followed by Vertongen

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