Machines for mid-sized woodworking companies

Pentho Compact 4

The Pentho Compact 4 is our advanced tenoner. It operates manually and has 2 vertical Prolock spindles of 200 mm. This allows you to make a complete window to size without any tool changes.

  • All movements are manual adjustable
  • 7” touch panel for starting motors and job recipes in own language
  • Total table swiveling +60° / -60°
  • Round backing wood available
  • Digital length-fence 2.4 with 1 swiveling backstop
  • High-quality saw and tenon heads installed

Turn your setup time into valuable production time

Upgrade your Pentho Compact 4 with a High-Performance Pack, to get a fully CNC-automated tenoner.

Profil Compact 2

The advanced Profil Compact 2 moulder is produced with 2 spindles without top bearing.

  • 7” touch panel in own language
  • First spindle can jump in and out to avoid breakout during storm-proofing
  • Both spindles can turn left and right
  • Automatic stormproof cycles
  • All tools for one product type can be installed
  • Easy tool changeover for different product
  • Integrated feeding device; CNC available

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