Advantages and Benefits of the PenPro Kitchen Cell

One of the primary benefits of the Kitchen Cell is that it replaces several machines, giving you more space in your woodworking shop. With the ability to stack up to 9 different  profiles, the Kitchen Cell eliminates the need for manual adjustments on multiple machines. This means that you can produce cope and stick joints in one PenPro Kitchen Cell, whether you’re working on a batch size of 1 or mass production, without the need for a large pre-profiled inventory.

The Kitchen Cell is entirely pre-programmed, making it easy for any worker to operate the machine. With rails of 4″, the Kitchen Cell works without any manual adjustment and is 100% safe. You can work with two parts at the same time, ensuring that both rails have the exact length, resulting in a 100% straight door. This means that there is no need for manual adjustment or sanding to solve mistakes, resulting in a perfect result and no rework.

Thanks to the counterblocks from Vertongen, you will avoid blowout at all times and this gives a perfect result during coping. Because of the straight door, there is no rework or openings between rail and stiles, and no manual adjustment or sanding is required to solve mistakes. With a working height of up to 1″ 3/8, the Kitchen Cell can produce interior or passage doors on the same machine.

The Kitchen Cell also features data connectivity, allowing you to send CSV files to the machine, and barcode reading is available, making it easier to manage production. With all of these advanced features, the PenPro Kitchen Cell is the future of cope and stick production.


If you’re a professional woodworker looking to streamline your production process and improve the quality of your kitchen cabinet doors, the PenPro Kitchen Cell is the machine you need. With its advanced features and efficient design, this machine makes cope and stick joints easier than ever before. Whether you’re working on a small batch or mass production, the Kitchen Cell can help you produce high-quality 5-piece kitchen cabinet doors efficiently and effectively.