Our windows and doors solutions

Store and recall machine settings, reducing setup time

Work (CNC-automated) accurate to 0,1 millimeter

Incorporate different aspects of your production process

Help you work faster and more efficiently

In a woodworking company, you often spend more time setting up and changing tools than you do producing your windows and doors.

Not only does this make your work less efficient, it also increases the chance of inaccurate finished parts or mismatches. Again costing you more time and money.

So, why not upgrade your production process with a more flexible solution?

Vertongen offers machinery capable of producing various profiles up to complete windows, without manual tool changes. This applies to general woodworking companies with a wide range of windows and doors. As well as highly specialized industrial-scale window manufacturers. And, of course, all sizes in between.

General woodworking company

Universal, flexible and easy-to-use machinery, ideal for general woodworking companies producing a wide range of interior and exterior joinery, as well as a small number of windows and doors.

Mid-sized woodworking company

Manual to fully CNC-automated tenoners and profile moulders, suited for mid-sized woodworking companies producing both interior and exterior joinery, as well as a larger quantity of windows and doors.

Large/industrial woodworking company

Highly specialized tenoners, profile moulders and angular window lines that meet all the production needs of large / industrial scale window manufacturing companies. As well as more general CNC-automated machines suitable for all exceptional work besides the general production.

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Vertongen is a Belgium-based company with distributors all over the world. All of them are knowledgeable about the operation and use of our machines.

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