What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer. When you visit our website again, these cookies can be recognized.

We use cookies to see how visitors use our website. This information helps us to improve the site.

You can distinguish two types of cookies:

  • First party cookies: these are cookies that are placed and managed directly by Vertongen houtbewerkingsmachines on the website
  • Third-party cookies: these are cookies placed and managed on the website by third parties

Which cookies does Vertongen houtbewerkingsmachines use?

It uses the cookies listed below:

Functional Cookies used:

__cfduid (valid for 1 month):

Used by the content network, Cloudflare, to identify trusted web traffic.

PHPSESSID (Active until browser window closes):

This 1st party website session cookie is used to track information about each visit to the website to enable core website functionality. This cookie does not contain any personal information, and only applies for the duration of the visit. Once a user closes the web browser, this cookie is deleted.

JSESSIONID (Active until browser window closes):

Is a platform session cookie and is used by sites running JavaServer Pages (JSP). The cookie is used by the server to maintain a session with an anonymous user.

cookieconsent_status (valid for 1 year): This 1st party cookie is set by our website to record user consent to the use of cookies. This prevents the cookie banner from reappearing every time the user visits our website. This cookie does not track any personal information.

Analytics cookies used (only after approval)

__utma: This 3rd party persistent cookie is used by Google Analytics to distinguish users and sessions and thus generate statistics about website traffic.

__utmb: This 3rd party persistent cookie is used by Google Analytics to determine new sessions and visits, generating statistics on website traffic.

__utmc: This 3rd party session cookie created by Google Analytics, is configured to communicate with urchin.js. Previously, this cookie worked with the cookie __utmb to determine if the user was a new user or if it was a new session of this user.

__utmt: This 3rd party persistent cookie is used by Google Analytics to process user requests, generating statistics about website traffic.

__utmv: This 3rd party persistent cookie, powered by Google Analytics, is used to store visitor-level customized variable data to generate statistics on website traffic.

__utmz: This 3rd party persistent cookie is used by Google Analytics to capture the traffic source or campaign so that it can be explained how the user arrived at the website.


We are required to obtain your consent for cookies unless they are necessary for the functioning of this website.

You give this consent when you first visit our website by clicking “allow all cookies”.

You can also choose to use only certain cookies by clicking on “only functional cookies”.

You can always revoke your consent by returning to the cookie consent screen at the bottom of the page.

Switching on and off

You can delete cookies automatically or manually via your Internet browser and indicate whether certain cookies may be placed or not. You can always find information about refusing and deleting cookies on following websites:

  • Chrome:
  • Firefox:
  • Internet Explorer:
  • Safari:


If you have any questions regarding this cookie statement you can contact Tom De Smet: